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    So... I am trying to get newly aquainted with all there is to know in regards to HPV.  I know the internet is not the best place to go for information, but it's what's available 24/7.  So quickly, here's my story:  I wouldn't say I was planning on waiting for marriage to have sex, but I was definitley waiting for someone that I COULD see myself marrying.  Seeing as I have a bit of an old fashioned idea, it wasn't until last year, in my late 20's, that I finally lost my virginity.  And in all honesty, no it wasn't with a guy who I thought could be my potenial husband, but it was with someone whom I had known for years, conidered a friend, and thought I could trust.  Okay, so long story short, about a year ago we sleep together.  He ends up getting stationed across the country literally 2 days later, but we did stay in contact for a few months.  I never regretted it and just kind of had the mindset, at least it wasn't some random hook-up with a guy from a bar, or whatever....
    Well, two weeks ago....a little more than a YEAR since we slept together, he IM's me and we talk for a little and then he asks the loaded question:  "I know this may seem odd, but when was the last time you had a pap?"  You can guess where the convo went from there.... he tells me that he has genital warts and has KNOWN since 2006.  He kept saying how sorry he was, but I was at a loss for words.  Anyways, I was kind of more mad than anything, I figured I was fine, it had been over a year and I had no signs or anything.  I went to the Dr. though just to be on the safe side.  She listened to my story, said that it sounded like my risk of exposure was minimal (he had no outbreak at the time, and we ued condoms) and she didn't see anything that remotely looked like a wart or anything to cause any concern.  Well, my pap came back abnormal showing sign of mild dyplasia.  I need to make my appt for the coloscopy...but that in itself scares me!  Paps aren't just uncomfortable for me, they hurt!  I'm really nervous about this.  I told him I have it and need to go in for another procedure and he was like "What do you want me to do, let me know. "  There's nothing I want him to do... I mean at this point what can he do?  I don't want to come across bitchy, but yes, I am angry at him.  He does feel bad, which he should!  But what's the point in laying more of a guilt trip? 

Also, I was kind of shocked when I got the info over the phone, so there are a ton of questions I didn't ask.  Here's my list for my next appt.  Anything I should add?

1) I've read different things in regards to how long it is in your system: 2 years?  Lifelong?  Does it depend?

2)Rule of Thumb for passing it on to guys?  I've heard they can be carriers but not actually "get" it... but in my situation, the guy had it and had the visable signs.  (Not at the time obviously!)

3) What strand do I have?

4)  How do I explain it to my future partners?  Do I identify it as an STD?  How clinical should I get with the explaination? 

5) Can I take a Xanax prior to the procedure?  I am already VERY anxious about it.  I'm more scared of the procedure itself then of what the results may be. As the name suggests, MILD dysplasia, sounds very "mild" so I'm prone to think it's not a big deal... is this a correct assumption?

6)  After the Coloscopy, I have to wait a year and do another pap...and see if there are changes/improvements? What if I just get another pap in 6 months and compare those results to the one I just had, can I skip the coloscopy?

7)   I know there are different levels of severity... some people act as if a diagnosis is no big deal, other people talk about it being life-changing.  Does it just depend on the serverity/type and the personality of people, or is it a case of some people not taking it seriously, or some just being dramatic about it?? 

8)  Most of the posts on here (that I've read) talk about the warts themselves.  I've never had them, but he has.  Should I expect to get them?  And some people have talked about lesions.... what are those?  AND  (last one)  the LEEP and cryotherapy procedeures are only used when there are actual warts present, correct?
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