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My Story

Hi! I'm not new here but I am not very active. Here is an update on a stressful situation I am dealing with right now.

When I was 14 I lost my virginity. We used condoms, I always used condoms. I got my first pap smear when I was 15 and an abnormality showed up, and I was called back for a biopsy. I found out I had 3 lesions on my cervix and none of them were cancerous; they cleared up on their own. Fortunately, I have not had an abnormal pap since.

In July I met a guy named "Mills." We were immediately attracted to each other, and have a ton of mutual friends, talked to each other online daily and in September started a sexual relationship. He'd just gotten out of a long relationship and told me he was clean. I told him about the situation I described above. We decided that unprotected sex would be okay.

After our first bought of unprotected sex, while we were naked in his bed, the first thing he said to me was, "I might actually have something."

We stopped having sex, and don't speak anymore except when I occasionally ask him if he's gotten tested yet (no). I have an appointment on Tuesday, next week.

Mills is already seeing someone else. When I talked to him last he said we'd never been in a relationship. I brushed this off and chose not to respond to it, because I wanted to maintain a level of calm in the conversation to persuade him to get tested at a free drop-in clinic literally a block from his condo. It's really hurtful though! I feel used and taken advantage of, lied to, and worried about this other girl (who has been a bitch to me btw).

Last week I noticed a needle point sized hard bump on my butt hole. When I took my big light and mirror down to investigate the situation after it didn't go away for a week, it looked like a zit AND there were two of them. I popped them and disinfected the area, they bled a little and a hard, white tiny lump came out like it were a zit on my face. They didn't look like any STDs I've seen images of.

I've never had a wart anywhere before except once on my foot after I had a pap smear and didn't wear socks in the stirrups, so I'm not sure what a genital wart would look like on me. However I have noticed this little floppy piece of skin right on the inside of my labia, before the vaginal opening. It's the same color as everything around it I just can't remember ever seeing it before and it doesn't go with the general flow of how my vag looks. It's soft, and when I stretch it out it's a lighter colored bump that could totally be a small wart. It's the size of the bottom part of the "8" on my macbook's keyboard, and has no texture. I'm about to get myself some Wart No More!

There's also one of these on the inside of my lip, but that one is actually hard. I showed this to my mom who is a nurse and she says it's not a wart, it's just a lump in my mouth. Thanks mom! you're so informative.

Aside from all that, I made out with a friend last weekend and we're going camping this weekend. If we end up getting romantic again I'm going to have to tell him what's going on. I already feel pretty guilty about the fact that I don't know what the bump in my mouth is, and we totally did not use a dental dam to make out.

I know warts usually go away on their own, but I'm so afraid that I'll get one on my face or something since I've been masturbating and probably scratched my face or something afterwards. I'm not worried about this ruining my life or anything, but it's pretty lame!

Best case scenario: Mills is a douche bag, but has no STDs and when I get tested on Tuesday there will be nothing the matter, the doc will dismiss my little bumps as random nothings and life will continue with less dumb unprotected sex with stupid jerks.

Thanks a lot for your time! I'd appreciate hearing any of your insightful thoughts.
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