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I had a pap done 3 weeks ago and the results came back with "minor abnormal cell changes" possibly precancerous due to hpv. I haven't been officially diagnosed with hpv, as they won't do a coloscopy for another 6 months if my next pap is abnormal. I don't know how long I've been abnormal though as I haven't had a pap before this one in 2 years. also I've been having symptoms of an infection (some itching/burning/painful sex) -- but my std results all came out clean except for the abnormal pap. just today I noticed again the itching and had a look -- I can see tiny little red bumps in my labia minora. is that what genital warts look like??

I should mention that I currently am in an open relationship with a new sexual partner as of a month ago, though some of these symptoms were there since before him. he's had 4 other partners in the last month including me, for me, just him but we did have 2 threesomes with different girls (2 of his other partners). protection is always used, but now I'm worried that condoms may not be enough, especially during the threesomes. I'm going to another clinic this week to talk about the situation but I was hoping someone here may have some insight/advice to share for some peace of mind. thanks.
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