Dracula's Scapula (kcmck) wrote in hpv,
Dracula's Scapula

My Experience with Cryotherapy...

I had my cryotherapy today and in an earlier entry, I mentioned that I would post about my experiences with it, so here goes.

It didn't hurt at all...some very mild cramping, but not what I expected after reading about other peoples' experiences.  I took four ibuprofen about an hour before the procedure and my best friend came along for moral support, which probably helped more than anything.  Having biopsies done during colposcopy hurt much, much more.  I wouldn't believe that the machine was even on if I hadn't had some of the common side effects that immediately follow cryotherapy - such as the sensation of extreme warmth in my face.  It was actually so painless that I'm hoping something will start to hurt soon to prove that there were, indeed, gases flowing through the cryoprobe and that my cervix really was frozen.

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