sometimesismoke (sometimesismoke) wrote in hpv,

So I had an abnormal pap and was told I have HPV. They told me they didn't test me for hpv, but that's what I have and now I have to get a biospy. Can't an abnormal pap mean something else? I've had friends who had abnormal cells in their cervix but it wasn't hpv. I have my biospy next week.
ANyway.. this is my real question.
I don't necessarily know if I got it from my boyfriend, but I'm sure he has it now. Does that mean we have to start using condoms? and if so... for how long? I know it is very likely to go away for me, but does it go away for guys too? or will it constantly go back and forth? I know I can ask my gyno when I have my appointment but I'm curious and would rather just know NOW.
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