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I have a question about passing HPV on

I know it is skin to skin contact and that would be self explanatory but I need some elaboration. I apologize beforehand if these questions/scenarios seem stupid or way off but I'm still coming to grips with my diagnoses.

This is going to get a little personal so please bear with me.

Let's say I masturbate and the come I get on my hands is wiped clean with a towel. It's been a few minutes and I haven't washed my hands yet but on my way to do so, I touch someone's arm. That's skin to skin, did I pass it on?

Or let's say I just had sex and my hands are cleaned off but my eye itches, did I just put it in my eye?

This isn't skin to skin but it's kinda spit to spit. What if I'm drinking from a cup or a straw and someone drinks right after me? Or I drink from a soda bottle and they do too. I don't have sores or anything in my mouth and I don't have warts anywhere either. (I'm not sure if that helps or not)

What if I'm just kissing someone? No sex is involved did I still pass it on? Because I kiss my family for like hello, goodbye, good night lol or I'll kiss a friend on the lips...should I not do that?

I thought that if it's exposed to air or a cooler climate it essentially dies. Like sperm. And so when they say skin to skin does that limit to sex skin to skin? If someone can help with this I'd really appreciate it.
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