Wynken De Wilde (wynken) wrote in hpv,
Wynken De Wilde

Questions from an Anon poster

Hello, I'm posting this anonymously for someone who e-mailed me their message:

About a year ago, I had my first sexual experience with a girl for the first time. We gave each other oral sex, and we also did some grinding. We met twice to have sex, and after that I didn't hear from her at all until earlier today. She called me and told me that she had taken a pap smear, and they detected HPV and pre-cancerous cells in her vagina. She basically called to tell me that I should test myself, which I plan on doing at the earliest date possible. She also told me she hadn't had sex with anyone besides me since last year.

Although I'm not positive, I'm certain I don't have HPV. I will get tested just in case, but I'm so worried. I would feel horrible if I did give it to her, especially when I told her I was clean! I feel like such a loser. Is HPV something you can get from a toilet seat, or any other place where genitals touch? A nurse told my friend it is possible, especially since I don't think I have it.

I did tell my boyfriend about this, and he has assured me that he will be supportive no matter what.

Any advice to give me? Or stories to share, etc? Can HPV be passed from an infected surface?

P.s. I had a pap smear in fall 2007. At that point, everything came up negative. I also got a new boyfriend in fall 2007. Perhaps he could have gotten it from my his ex, but he and his ex were each other's first sexual partners, and they only had sex with each other. Since my boyfriend and I have been together, we've only had sex with each other. So I really have no idea where this came from.
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