emily732 (emily732) wrote in hpv,

new to all this and confused..

i just found out 2 weeks ago i have HPV.
i was really confused becasue i got the gardasil vaccine. i got the first 2 shots and then before i got the 3rd i had protected sex (first time). then i got the 3rd. since then i have had 3 other additional sexual partners.
my doctor said i had to have gotten HPV before the vaccine. does that mean it happened in between the 2nd and 3rd shot? or is there a way to get it besides sex?
or could i have been that the shot was not effective and it could have been anyone else?

also, i havnt told my parents i got HPV because they dont know im sexually active. i just feel like my parents wouldnt be okay with the idea since they have always been all "dont have sex till youre married" (im 21 and currently not in a relatioship, this wouldnt be acceptable to them) anyone else in this situation? i dont want my parents to be "dissapointed" (i guess?)

i know its nott something i should really be ASHAMED about, and that alot of people get HPV but i still feel weird about it. how did you get over that initial reaction?


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