emily732 (emily732) wrote in hpv,

new to all this and confused..

i just found out 2 weeks ago i have HPV.
i was really confused becasue i got the gardasil vaccine. i got the first 2 shots and then before i got the 3rd i had protected sex (first time). then i got the 3rd. since then i have had 3 other additional sexual partners.
my doctor said i had to have gotten HPV before the vaccine. does that mean it happened in between the 2nd and 3rd shot? or is there a way to get it besides sex?
or could i have been that the shot was not effective and it could have been anyone else?

also, i havnt told my parents i got HPV because they dont know im sexually active. i just feel like my parents wouldnt be okay with the idea since they have always been all "dont have sex till youre married" (im 21 and currently not in a relatioship, this wouldnt be acceptable to them) anyone else in this situation? i dont want my parents to be "dissapointed" (i guess?)

i know its nott something i should really be ASHAMED about, and that alot of people get HPV but i still feel weird about it. how did you get over that initial reaction?


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you maybe got it before the shots protected you, or maybe you have a strain that the shots don't cover.

i don't think you need to discuss your sexual health with your parents unless you think they'll be supportive, or if they need to know for some reason.
I would say that you have a strain that the shots don't cover. That's what I have. It is totally NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF. I know you said that you weren't, but we are here to comfort you darlin' =) You could have had an abnormal pap yesterday, but a normal one tomorrow! Just go back to the gyno and keep checking things out down there. Also, HPV is a skin to skin virus. It is contracted not just through sex, but when bad skin touches good skin...SO...touching, foreplay, oral, giving a handjob?.. stuff like that can spread the virus too!! My good friend got HPV and she was a virgin!!! She was like "how in the hell"..Well, that's how. It isn't just some scary STD/STI, and in my opinion, it isn't an STD at all.

I had protected sex too, and still got it. Maybe if you explain to your Mom that it's a skin virus, it will be better to talk to your parents about it? When you know the facts first, then present them with 'em.
thanks for that info. i can only google HPV so much before i find myself reading the same medical terms i dont get over and over again. thanks for responding!
OH! You're welcome!!!! I also read the same medical terms too. I also have gotten different opinions from different doctors, but all of them also made me realize that HPV isn't something that will keep you from feeling less normal because supposedly everyone has it.

LOL! It wouldn't surprise me. What's the stats like 1 in 3 women?